The River Newspaper | In Conversation With: Angie Bowie – Life at Kingston University, hanging out with rock stars, Celebrity Big Brother and David.

Angie Bowie by Dave Eager, from Angie's own collection.

Angie Bowie, glam rock queen, former wife to superstar David Bowie, Kingston University alumni and more recently, Celebrity Big Brother contestant, has a life that lends itself to some great stories. She is originally from Cyprus, but moved to America in her teens, leaving after having an affair with another girl at Connecticut College. She eventually studied economics and marketing at Kingston in 1967 aged just 16.

“By 1969, I should have graduated, but I had been moonlighting, going to Mercury Records with Calvin Mark Lee and Lou Reizner [close friends of David Bowie], because I wanted to make sure I could get a job in England and I never had to go back to the States,” she says. But her time at Kingston did not spell out. “They said ‘thank you for the lovely dissertation, you distinguished in that, but guess what? You can’t graduate!’.”

Full interview here:

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